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Ask Fitz: What Am I Looking At When Reviewing My Auto Insurance?

Whether filing your taxes, setting New Year’s resolutions or planning a vacation, there are certain tasks we complete every year. Reviewing an auto insurance policy is probably not on the top of your annual to do list, however, it is a good idea to set aside a few minutes each year to consider if your policy is still adequately protecting you and your family. Below... Read Article

Ask Fitz: Auto Insurance Trends Influencing Premium

When is the last time you reviewed your auto insurance premium? If not recently, then you may want to do so in the near future, as auto insurance rates can fluctuate often due to several aspects considered by insurance carriers. Below is a list of three main factors that can lead to a possible increase in the cost of auto insurance. Distracted Driving Distractions while... Read Article

Ask Fitz: Coverage Enhancements for Today’s Households

A few things in life are constant, and ironically, one of those is change. Homeowners insurance policies provide standard coverage for a variety of well-known risks, but sometimes do not automatically provide protection for new exposures as households and technology change. It is important to be aware of these potential gaps in coverage and understand the policy enhancements, often referred to as endorsements by insurance... Read Article

Ask Fitz: Homeowners Insurance – Maximizing Your Coverage

When is the last time you reviewed your homeowners insurance policy? If you are like most people, you desire the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home and family are protected; however, you do not have the time to sift through the policy details in hopes of fully understanding the many different coverage provisions. That is why we are here to help!  Below... Read Article

Ask Fitz: Homeowners Insurance – Why do premiums vary so much?

Have you ever wondered how your homeowners insurance rate is determined? Or why is it possible that your premium can vary so much among carriers when requesting quotes for your policy? The reality is that many factors affect your premium rate. Below I have outlined various factors that influence homeowners insurance rates. Some of these you can control while others you cannot. By understanding these... Read Article